Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 252 - Airport

Thought of the day: It's hard to believe that our trip is almost over and we're now already on the flight back to Boulder. Sitting in a humming aircraft 30,000 feet above the ocean provides an unique opportunity for reflection.  During this trip, I have spent an unforgettable week in Greece, made a few excursions in Switzerland, got together with some people, watched sunsets, read books and kept up with the blog as the best I can.  Visiting Switzerland always does a strange thing to me - on the way back, I often feel like I want to become a better person and live my life more fully and more wisely. I don't know exactly why.  Perhaps the beauty and serenity of the landscape have a deeper impact on me than I know, perhaps living in a different culture compells me to become more thoughtful, or perhaps spending time with other people and seeing their different ways of living shed a new light on my own. Unfortunately, this feeling generally doesn't stay with me for very long so I shall appreciate it while it lasts. 

Photo of the day:
In Frankfurt airport, David pulling Lila on her Trunki.  In the background is the airplane that's taking us back to Denver.

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