Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 226 - Lunch

Thought of the day: We took the train to visit a relative in a town in Canton Thurgau and had lunch with her today.  She came to meet us at the train station by bike and then we all walked over to her apartment which took a good 20 minutes.  That would be unfathomable in the US, however, it felt perfectly natural here.  Driving is more ingrained in the American culture than in the European.  The walk today was fun as we got to chat and see the town along the way.  It was definitely not a tourist destination but we did walk past quite a few charming streets and buildings.  The weather was pleasant, the flowers were blooming, everybody was happy - what else could one ask for?  I am glad that we won't sit behind a wheel for the next few weeks. So far we have been getting around fine by bus, tram, train and walking shoes.  Boat and bike will join the picture some time in the future. It may be a little inconvenient without a car at times, but I think the vacation will be much less relaxing with one.

Photo of the day:
Lunch at Thurgau.

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