Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 227 - Wine Glasses

Thought of the day: On Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse this afternoon, I couldn't help noticing that most people dressed elegantly and smartly and there seemed to be a wide variety of styles on display.  Occasionally I saw men walk by wearing simple t-shirts and blue jeans but that was certainly not ubiquitous as in the US.  It looked like people here had the time and means to shop and pay for good clothes and they liked to dress up nicely just for the sake of it. To my surprise, in Coop's Men's clothing section, I saw some very fresh tones of red, orange, purple and even pink.  I would definitely consider the colors of some of the men's scarfs too fresh for myself. Both in the store and on the streets, I saw a number of otherwise ordinary looking men wrapped in some of these very gay colors.  Is this a new fashion?  It may not be a bad thing for men to break the women's dominance in fresh colors in clothing.  Indeed, it seems totally unfair for women to have choices of clothes in all conceivable colors and patterns while the men are confined to the palette of gray, blue, black, occasionally red and yellow and almost always dull patterns.  After all, just like a ponytail can sometimes make a man look more masculine, fresh color clothes have the potential of making a man look more interesting.

Photo of the day:
Two wine glasses inside a restaurant on Bahnhofstrasse.  The restaurant looked interesting from outside because the interior decorations were done predominantly in a deep, rich red color.

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