Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 245 - Window

Thought of the day: We are leaving Lugano today. I will miss the place, and I will miss the people even more. They are warm, open and outgoing. They talk in a beautiful Italian. The sunshine and soft air in this region seem to have effected a sunny disposition in its people. A beaming smile for no reason, a gesture that's as kind as it's spontaneous, a generous compliment...they can brighten up your day in ways that you wouldn't have thought possible. In the German speaking part of Switzerland, sometimes I have this odd feeling that I need to stay within certain boundaries and demonstrate proper behaviors. If I do something beyond what's customary, I feel that I will always be reminded in a subtle way. I don't feel that at all in Ticino. It's a bit strange. Perhaps it has more to do with my own mindset than the environment, or perhaps it has something to do with both.

Photo of the day:
Last look from the hotel window.  It was drizzling when we left - so it does rain here too! Maybe it's not too surprising because everything is so green here.

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