Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 243 - Lugano

Thought of the day: We are once again in Ticino, one of my favorite places in Switzerland. When it's rainy and gloomy in the northern part of Switzerland, you can hop on the train, head south and cross the Gotthard tunnel, you will often find yourself under a blue sky. We all need a cure for rainy day blues, be it a pot of tea, a favorite book, or an escape to a place with abundant sunshine. That's where the Swiss people get their sunshine remedy in the south, short of crossing the border all the way to Italy. For me, Ticino has the magic power of drawing me over regardless of the weather in the north. I'm up for a leisurely walk along the Lake of Lugano any time, any day.

Photo of the day:
A biker coming up a steep, narrow street in the charming Lugano old town in the early evening.  We're staying here for two nights.

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