Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 241 - Dessert

Thought of the day: We hosted a young visitor for lunch today. My in-laws prepared a simple yet elaborate meal for her. I am always amazed at how much care Swiss people take in preparing a meal or even just an apero (finger food and drinks) for guests. From the warm plates, table clothes and decorations to delicious home cooked food, they really go the extra length to make the guests feel welcome and pampered. The meals, usually taken at a leisurely pace and sometimes even with a walk or other such excursions before the dessert, can often last an entire afternoon or evening. I don't really mind - I think when it comes to food, meals and spending time with friends, one can enjoy it better slow than fast.

Photo of the day:
Dessert after lunch: cake, strawberries and ice cream with Kirsch (Swiss brandy).  Yum!

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