Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 247 - Village Sunset

Thought of the day: From the viewpoint of a casual observer, there couldn't be more differences between Niederweningen and my village in southern part of China where I grew up. However, I feel quite at home here because many aspects of the life here remind me of my village. My village home had a humongous backyard - in a child's eyes, that is - covered with flowers and banana trees, a plot of land where sugar canes and different kinds of vegetables were grown, and a courtyard where chickens and ducks roamed about freely. It was indeed a child's paradise. Every summer, my brother, sister and I spent our vacation there. We picked the fruits, fed the animals and swam in the river. Lila and Jasmine are doing some similar things here in Niederweningen, albeit with some small modifications. They pick berries from wild bushes, feed animals that are not ours and swim in the village pools. These pools are modern structures equipped with necessities like the espresso machines and freezers for ice creams. They are outdoor pools situated in a peaceful forest setting. For lack of a swimmable river, these pools provide a good alternative for the girls to have fun and cool down in a summer heat that can sometimes descend in the valley. Growing up with summers that were carefree and precious, I always feel that I owe it to the girls to provide them with the same kind of memories. We're lucky that both sets of grandparents have homes that would make this possible.

Photo of the day:
Sunset behind a farmhouse in Niederweningen.

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