Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 230 - Cows

Thought of the day: Today we took trains to the town of Einsiedeln at the shore of Sihlsee in central Switzerland.  We visited the monastery but it turned out disappointing. So we spent most of the day walking along the lake shore and visiting the villages along the way. We walked past a number of neat, traditional farmhouses decorated with flowers of vibrant colors outside the windows or in the gardens. And, in the meantime, no less visible were weathered farm equipments parked under the roofs. The old machineries and the display of fresh flowers symbolized a daily struggle with the elements in the rough fields that did not preclude an apparent appreciation of delicate beauty.  The incongruity in this picture highlighted the complexity and sublimity of the human spirit. Yes, we're likely to be different, and often more complicated, than how we look from the outside. Shrek is one of my favorite movies because it contains the same message. In fact, the message is conveyed in literature, stories, and maybe even in the look of some simple farmhouses. Really, the message is universal, if we pay enough attention.

Photo of the day:
Something else that the farmers own, other than flowers and equipments, is a herd of cows. Does owning the cows fall into the realm of work or beauty?  Perhaps both. Perhaps the two realms are so interwined that they're inseparable anyway.

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