Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 246 - Lila and Garden

Thought of the day: One of my favorite things to do after lunch is to take a walk with Lila in the streets and trails of Niederweningen. It's practical as she would often run and play on the way and by the time we are heading home, her steam will typically run out and give way to drowsiness and will eventually fall into a peaceful nap on the stroller. Today we took such an excursion again. When I watched Lila play and listened to her mumble to herself, I was touched by her toddler-ly innocence and the utter lack of self-conciousness. Her entire being radiated an envious, pure, unspoiled joy. For her, a flower was as absorbing as the entire world and a moment was no different from the eternity. How did she manage to stay in this blissful state of being? I guess I should not use the word "manage" because this state of being is in her, is her, naturally. Only the grownups need to "manage" as our minds are often so cluttered that we tend to forget our true self. We painstakingly seek the meaning of life when the meaning of life is life itself. We fruitlessly search for the elixir of life when there're no meaningful differences between a moment and the eternity. I am learning a lot by spending time with Lila. I will never have enough of that. And I need that, too.

Photo of the day:
Lila playing in a garden near the Niederweningen church during our walk this afternoon.

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