Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 232 - Oia

Thought of the day: The Greek island of Santorini is at the rim of a caldera, which was formed millions of years ago by volcanic activities. Some 3,600 years ago a violent volcanic eruption wiped out the Monoan civilization that used to flourish in this area.  I knew before coming here that it is an arid island due to the volcanic nature but I am still surprised to see how bleak the landscape looks.  What make this island so charming, and famous, are the picturesque towns hanging on the edge of high cliffs.  Oia is one of them.  The white washed cave style dwellings, blue domed churches, narrow pedestrian streets, red bougainvillea and the Aegean sea conspire to made Oia one of the most photogenic places on earth. We took a walk along the pedestrian street and were literally rubbing shoulders with tourists, photographers, and even a film crew from the World Travel Channel. It's not surprising that tourists come here in droves, as who would not fall in love with a place like this?

Photo of the day:
View of Oia from inside a store along the main pedestrian street.

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