Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 250 - Paraglider

Thought of the day: We usually take our mornings easy during vacations but this morning we started out early to go up Mt. Rigi by tram.  On top of the mountain, we had a panoramic view of most of the high peaks and many of the lakes of Switzerland. It was an impressive sight. After lunch, we hiked down the mountain. Hiking in the Alps is an activity that I can never get tired of.  With beautiful scenery and cute little mountain villages along the way and tasty food that you can pretty much count on when you reach the destination, hiking in the alps can be a truly magical experience. If I can somehow make such an excursion every day, I wouldn't mind at all moving to Switzerland. Indeed, that would be a dream come true. Of course, the over-romanticized view of a tourist is one thing, living it is another. Daily life is filled with unexpected details and any or all of them can overwhelm and derail a dream. So, perhaps it is wise to leave it as a dream. I can always come back and visit to keep the dream alive.

Photo of the day:
It was a good day for paragliding.  We watched at least a dozen paragliders take off from the top of Mt. Rigi.  Some succeeded in taking off at the first attempt, some took multiple attempts. Lila was completely fascinated by their activities.

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