Thursday, December 30, 2010

Week 8, 9, 10

OK, it has been a while, but it's the holiday season and I did make some donations in the past few weeks that would hopefully make meaningful differences in the lives of a few.

One charity that I'd like to mention is a very special charity I just discovered this year: Children of Vietnam.  COV provides care for the poor, sometimes poor and disabled, children of Vietnam.  I really like the approach they take to help these children.  Their field staff and volunteers evaluate the situation of individual families and create a care plan tailored for their specific needs.  The care plan is pretty comprehensive, covering everything from nutrition, medicare procedure, family housing, to access to micro-loans and education.  Their goal is to help these families get out of the cycle of poverty and provide a brighter future to these children.  Our donation to COV this year will help provide access to education for some of these kids.

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