Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 47 - Portrait

Thought of the day:  I had many happy surprises today.  On the way out this morning, I was greeted by the view of a very unusual, painting-like cloud floating high above Broadway.  Surely it's not just a random formation of water droplets or ice crystals as they say, someone must have just painted that on the blue sky with bold brush strokes.  Later in the morning, I had the pleasure of photographing some sweet little kids. And then, unexpectedly,  I received a can of nice tea from a friend and a book with beautiful rhymes from another.  As if that was not enough, I got another surprise in the afternoon.  Jasmine's piano teacher asked her students, if they wish, to give a donation to EFAA in lieu of a holiday gift for her.  And she will match the donation 100%.  What a thoughtful and noble thing for her to do! EFAA has seen its caseload skyrocketing this year and it doesn't have enough to meet all the needs in the community.  Her gift will, for sure, make a difference in someone else's holiday.  All these happy surprises put me on a pretty good mood for the rest of the day, which should not come as a surprise at all.

Photo of the day:
Portrait of a little girl.

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