Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 72 - Blue Spruce

Thought of the day: In a couple of hours, we're ringing in another new year.  This new year, just like every other new years in the past, still shrouded in its infancy as a landscape shrouded in a mist, offers hope and elicits excitement.  What is this new year going to bring?  Will I be able to bring about change?  The answer is probably no.  There are always reasons for things to be what they're.  No amount of resolution can bring about real changes unless you know what the reasons are and take steps to address them.  More often than not, the reasons are related to who you are.  So the real changes often have to come from within.  In a society overfilled with I-am-never-at-fault and can-do attitudes, it's so much easier to focus on addressing external issues and then lament about the lack of real, long lasting changes.  There will be a few issues I need to work on this year and, unfortunately, these are the same issues I have been working on in the past years and, most likely, in the future years as well!

Photo of the day:

Blue Spruce in the backyard through a misty window.

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