Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 69 - Lila and Me

Thought of the day: We just finished watching The Pacific, a HBO miniseries based on the stories of three Americans fought in the pacific theater during World War II.  It's very intense.  One of the men, John Basilone, fought valiantly in the battle field until he was killed in Iwo Jima.  After the movie, we checked him out, fully expecting that the movie exaggerated in his unthinkable, heroic acts.  We were in for a surprise - this guy not only did all that, he did more.  We can't help but are in awe of his bravery and sacrifice.  People like him, tens of millions of them in the world, fought alongside in the war and made real sacrifices so now we can live in peace and prosperity.  There's nothing like watching, or reading, history to make one realize how much others had sacrificed for us, and how petty our daily worries really are.  The best way to pay our respect is to live our life with gratitude and openmindedness and live it to the fullest.

Photo of the day:

Lila getting on her K'Boom skis.  She has no fear!  (This is a Droid FxCamera photo.)

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