Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 50 - Knitted Bear

Thought of the day:  We became the environmental refugees from our home, at least for one night.  Our doctor confirmed that both girls showed signs of inflammations, probably due to the exposure to pesticides sprayed in our home two days ago.  I wish I took them to the doctor earlier, and stayed away from our home sooner.  But at this point I have stopped asking whys and what ifs.  I really want to focus on what is happening to us and what we can do.  What can we do so we can undo, as much as possible, what has been done to us? What can we do so we won't compromise our health further by future exposures? What can we do so this won't happen to others routinely, sometimes unknowingly?  It is challenging, however, when bad practices are already common practices.  You know it goes too far when a prominent local hotel offers "hypoallergenic" rooms that had just been sprayed with toxic chemicals.  I am not able to cheer people up with many positive thoughts today.  I will count on the happy bear to do the job for me.

Photo of the day:
I did run into some pretty generous people today.  This morning the guy at Brewing Market Coffee gave me a mug bearing their logo.  It's not a super fancy mug but I really appreciated the gesture.  And then the Children's Alley gave everybody a bag of hand knitted winter necessities - scarfs, mittens, hats, sweaters, and happy bears!  Apparently it was done by a group of community knitters for the children.  I feel like an imposter receiving such generous gifts when we already have everything we need.  I will give back to them somehow.  Between the guilt of receiving and the pleasure of giving, it's not hard to decide which one to choose!

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