Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 70 - Lamp

Thought of the day:  Lila is starting preschool next week.  I am filled with uncertainty and sadness.  To me, she seems too little and too "clueless" for school, even for a preschool.  I have sent her to a drop-in daycare a couple of times in the past and had little problem with it, but this feels more permanent.  From this point on, I will be giving her up more and more to the outside world, where she rightfully belongs, but knowing that doesn't make the process any easier for me.  Of course, looking at the bright side, I will be getting more time back, which I really missed too.  In a way, this is like taking a journey from one place to another, the feeling of uncertainly and sadness on departure is mixed with anticipation and excitement of going someplace new.  There will be many journeys like this.  The key thing is to go with the flow and be happy anywhere I go.

Photo of the day:
Lamp, home and holiday lights.

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