Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 59 - Dad

Thought of the day:  A week in the bay area flew by - we're leaving again tomorrow but it feels as if we just landed no more than a couple of hours ago.  My travel always seems to unfold like this: in the beginning, I am excited and in shock at how different everything is; and then at some point, it seems as if I had been there forever and that's how everything was supposed to be; and when it's about time to leave, all the previous emotions of excitement, shock, acceptance, and sometimes resignation are replaced by a singular emotion of longing to stay.  I am lucky to be able to travel and stay in different places, sometimes in different cultures, once in a while.  I feel like someone who lives on several threads of parallel lives and switches between them whenever opportunity arises.  It's challenging at times but mostly I enjoy it.

Photo of the day:
This is a chore-filled I'm shopping for a fireplace for my parents.

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