Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 48 - Red Note

Thought of the day:  It was indeed a sad day today.  I discovered that our pest control company, which we have been using for years, was spraying bad chemicals in the house.  We were not notified in advance, and the spray was totally unnecessary.  I fired them immediately, but how much damage has already been done?  We have two innocent, unsuspecting kids growing up in a house that had, most likely, been sprayed in the past.  I have betrayed their trust and have put their health in danger and that makes me overwhelmingly, unspeakably sad.  Companies, in spite of their efforts in building a trustworthy image, can not be trusted to watch out for your benefit.  Not at all. No matter how many years they have been there.  No matter how many households they serve.  No matter what they claim.  Your health, and your kids' health, are solely on your own hands.  I have learned this in a hard way.  And I hope I will never forget this again.

Photo of the day:
In the studio of Jasmine's piano teacher, a note and a handsome boot hung on the door to collect EFAA donations in lieu of gifts for the teacher.  This demonstration of generosity and holiday spirit definitely brightened up my day more than anything else.

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