Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 40 - Lila and Drill

Thought of the day:  I got quite a few inquiries lately from people interested in finding a Mandarin speaking babysitter or tutor for their kids.  Some of these families don't have any connection to Asia.  With China being the world's second largest economy already and with its double digit annual growth of GDP, it's well positioned to overtake the US and become the largest economy in the future, provided that it can find enough resource to sustain the growth.  So it's hardly surprising that there's a surging demand in the US for learning Mandarin.  However, Mandarin is certainly not an easy language to learn and I am impressed by how far parents are willing to go to give their kids a possible edge in the future.  Some economists predict that China will overtake US in 10-20 years.  If that happens, these kids will graduate from college when Mandarin is in hot demand and at that point, they may appreciate what their parents did for them when they were just a wee little baby!

Photo of the day:
Lila with a toy drill in Boulder Parenting Place.

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