Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 34 - Happy Girl

Thought of the day:  There are days when I let an entire day slip by without taking a single picture or writing down a single thought.  When it's getting dark, I am surprised that another day is slipping by and saddened that with a million sparks of light dancing around me all day, somehow I did not manage to capture a single one of them.  This is just like life, a million happenings and a million possibilities are around us but they can easily slip by without registering in our eyes or minds.  Taking pictures is my way of paying attention and becoming aware.  It takes effort as it's often easier to just do nothing.  I am happy to have this blog keep me going.

Photo of the day:
Mischievous little Lila trying to mess with daddy's keyboard.  A happy moment in the house.

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