Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 26 - Pink Bike

Thought of the day:  Every day there will be little things that frustrate you and little things that make you smile.  That's pretty much inevitable.  We can, however, choose what to take to heart and what to let go.  In a way, we are affected less by what is happening to us than how we react to it.  And sometimes, just by looking at things from a different angle, we can even turn frustrating things into pleasant surprises.  For example, as we live in west Boulder, in winter time the sun can go down at as early as 3:30. When the rest of Boulder is still basking in the daylight, we're already in the dark.  That is, literally, the dark side of living close to the mountains.  However, when I was outside on the deck after the sunset this afternoon, I had the pleasure of watching the line that sharply divided day and night slowly moving east until it faded away into the horizon.  That was amazing to watch.  What's a better place to watch the light than in the darkness?

Photo of the day:
Light and a pink bike in the playground of Boulder Parenting Place.

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