Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 23 - Friends

Thought of the day:  A friend of mine is trying hard to make all the right decisions for her new house - flooring, cabinet, etc.  There are tons and tons of decisions to be made in the building process and it can be overwhelming.  And on top of that, she needs to work with contractors with their own ways of doing things that do not necessarily agree with hers.  We went through a major remodeling a couple of years ago and we can sympathize with what she is going through right now.  Building a house is like going through a lengthy pregnancy.  At the end, all the effort you put in will be made worthwhile when a place you can call "home" is born.

Photo of the day:

Hiking with our friends Jill and Izzy at Chautauqua today.  The Flatirons in the background was lightly coated with snow.

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