Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 22 - Baby Sister

Thought of the day:  Today I read an article by Nicholas Kristof on NY Times about Pakistan.  No, it's not about corruption, terrorism, flood, or any other ill fortunes associated with that country lately.  It's about a ray of hope.  As widely publicized in recent years, the public school system in Pakistan is broken.  Now the emerging middle class of Pakistan is taking steps to improve the situation.  For example, they formed a Citizens Foundation (TCF) which started private schools to provide good quality, balanced and affordable education to kids.  A qualified poor child can register for only 50 cents a month.  Only a paltry 1% of kindergarteners in Parkistan ever finish high school.  Now with 25% of Pakistani kids attending a private school like the ones started by TCF, hopefully a lot more kids will be able to finish high school and go to college in the future.  This certainly gives one hope for Pakistan's future.  And it also gives one hope for the world to become a safer place.

Photo of the day:
Jasmine was making Lila laugh and giggle in Vic's Coffee today.  There's nothing like having a funny big sister!

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