Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 19 - Aztec Dancers

Thought of the day:  Last night I went to an event hosted by a Boulder based organization called AACC (American Association for the Care of Children).  AACC is dedicated to improving the lifes of poor children of Jalapa, Nicaragua.  It's led by an amazing woman named Debbie Young.  Debbie belongs to a special breed of people who dedicate their lives to an underserved population far far away from home.  They also include, for example, Greg Mortenson of Central Asia Institute and Ben Wilson of Children of Vietnam.  These people work hard at home to raise funds and work hard abroad to serve.  They have found their calling and they have my utmost respect.

Photo of the day:
Aztec Dance troop performing energetically in last night's AACC event.

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