Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 15 - Humane Society

Well, friends are making it really easy for us this week.  Jasmine's friend is requesting a donation to Humane Society instead of buying her a gift for her birthday party.  Jasmine requested donations to victims of Four Mile Canyon Fire in lieu of a birthday gift for her last birthday.  Looks like it's becoming a trend!

Why are parents and kids so generous and altruistic?  I can't speak for others, but for ourselves, other than good, charitable intentions, we do have our ulterior motives.  I am getting tired of receiving so many gifts on Jasmine's birthdays.  Sometimes she receives wonderful gifts, but more often than not, the gifts just add to the mess in the play area.  Fewer birthday gifts mean less work for us.  Hooray!  For Jasmine, it's a no-lose deal either, as I promised her something she had always wanted - a horseback riding camp.  For sure, she cared about the people displaced by the fire, and I think she would have done it anyway without the promise of a camp.  But having the promise certainly made the deal sweeter.

In any case, Humane Society it is for this week.

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