Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 119 - Farm House

Thought of the day: My realtor is quite a character.  I met her the first time during my previous trip to the bay area.  We were planning to meet in the townhouse that I would like to put on market, but I forgot the key.  So guess what she did?  She took out a bathroom window and climbed in.  I liked her and hired her on the spot.  I interviewed another realtor the day before who I also liked.  That realtor showed a can-do attitude as well, but she did that verbally as opposed to my realtor who did that in action.  When it comes to the building of trust, actions speak louder than words.  So if you are an aspiring realtor, I suggest that you acquire some climbing skills, and pray that your potential client forgets the key at the first interview.

Photo of the day:

A farm house along Broadway in North Boulder.

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