Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 110 - Stairways

Thought of the day: Since last summer, I have been spending at least a week in the bay area every month.  I just came back three days ago and have already booked the next trip.  I must be tied to the bay area by some invisible threads, and every trip seems to create a new thread to pull me back. I am feeling a tinge of bay area travel fatigue.  I am lucky that Lila is a good traveler and never complains.  She is happy wherever she is, as long as she is with one of us.  As for me, by the time when I need to board the flight again, I'll be ready for the adventure.  I am just glad that it's not going to be tomorrow!

Photo of the day:
Lila dashing down the stairways at home, too fast for me to take a clear picture of her.  Yes, a daring and happy little girl she is.

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