Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 89 - Oriental Lily

Thought of the day: It's a beautiful day but I almost had it ruined by a misunderstanding in a Sushi restaurant.  Yes, in a Sushi restaurant, of all places.  "almost" is the keyword here - my day was definitely not ruined and I even learned a few lessons out of this experience.  First of all, don't eat out when you are hungry and tired.  That's not going to lead to a fun experience.  Secondly, don't get emotional in an argument.  When you do, walk away and continue the discussion in a different setting or medium when you are calmer.  Thirdly, and most importantly, always assume first that others have only the best intentions.  This can be hard to do because it's often impossible to know what others are really thinking, and instinctively we want to assume that they have bad intentions so we can sufficiently protect our own interests.  If our instinct had not worked this way to protect us, the human race would not have survived until today.  However, if my past experience tells anything, people around us often do have good intentions or at least they are trying their best.  The self protection instinct can be harmful in our day to day interactions with people. It may take some mental power and practices to override our instinct, but with more trust in others, we can live our lives with less anxieties and more happiness.

Photo of the day:

It's easy to capture the beauty of a flower.  It's harder to capture that in people.  But it's there, all we need to do is to try harder.

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