Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 79 - Kids and Shadows

Thought of the day:  We have a Reverse Osmosis filter installed in our house today to further purify our drinking water.  We relied on carbon filtration in the past and the water tasted fine, however, after our pesticide exposure incident a month ago, we decided to go one step further and add a RO filter to  remove more unwanted chemicals.  Now, we just need to make sure that the kids bring their own water bottles when we eat out.  Some restaurants serve tap water (or worse) that tasted no better than the water in a chlorinated swimming pool.  In the past few years, we were becoming increasingly more aware of the toxicity in the environment and starting paying attention to what we put into our mouth and use on our body.  We haven't seen the inside of a McDonald's for years.  However, the pesticide incident showed that we were clearly not paying enough attention yet.  That was a wake up call.  Since then, we have been making more changes.  Unfortunately, we're living in such a toxic time that it's hard to see where to stop or even where to begin.  Trying to live healthy is like walking on the wrong side of the moving walkway in an airport.  The momentum is against us.  But with two little kids, we have no choice but to stride on, with a smile on the face.

Photo of the day:

Shadows of me and my friend when we watched over our kids playing in Chautauqua Park.  The kids are born  to be natural beings and they are always as happy as can be when they're outside.

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