Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 75 - Lila with Hat

Thought of the day:  So it's officially January - time to ski!  I am looking for a way to get in some mid-week skiing without too much driving.  Of course, our local Eldora ski area would be the easiest one to get to.  I can carpool with a friend or take the ski shuttle from downtown.  Getting to the mountain resorts are more challenging, however.  I found two ski shuttles (Eskimo and Colorado Jitney) that would take you up from Boulder.  But both shuttles have multiple stops in Denver and will take at least three hours each way.  That, for me, is way too much time on a shuttle, however luxurious it may be.  It's surprising that there is no direct shuttle going up from Boulder.  Of course, the ideal solution - allow me to dream for a moment - is to hop onto a train and get to the mountains while enjoying the Colorado winter scenery along the way.  Wouldn't that be nice if we can enjoy the snow and ice as they should be instead of worrying about them all the time when we drive?  This is unfortunately only a dream as even the Ski Train from Denver to Winter Park was shutdown in 2009 after 69 years of operation.  Perhaps some day, we will all move to Switzerland to realize some of our dreams, some day.

Photo of the day:
Winter is also a time for fluffy hats, like the one Lila tried on today.

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