Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 82 - Coming Home

Thought of the day:  On Jasmine's request, I am teaching her Chinese myself this semester.  We had our first "lesson" this afternoon.  We read a little book, worked on pronunciations, made flash cards and, most surprisingly, had a lot of fun doing this together.  I wish I had done this in the past instead of sending her to Chinese classes.  I have always thought that it's better to have someone else, especially if s/he is a trained professional, teach your child.  Now I have reason to think that it may not always be the case.  Perhaps soon enough I will regret our decision to have home lessons,  but right now I am pretty optimistic that it will work out.

Photo of the day:
We had a beautiful, sunny day with white, fluffy snow everywhere from yesterday's snow storm.  Jasmine had fun going to school and coming home by sled.  In the background, a neighbor's kid was walking home from her high school, presumably after a hop on the bus.

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