Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 77 - Blizzard

Thought of the day:  I just finished reading Brian Peterson's insightful photography book "Understanding Exposure".  It's an interesting book to read and I learned quite a few things from it.  With the availability of powerful photo editing tools, it's so easy for one to get lazy and start to rely on post-processing to make the pictures exactly right.  It's a real art to get the exposure right, on site, on camera.  If you can see the image you would like to capture and do your best to capture it - right there, right then - you have the best chance of actually getting the image you want.  It can improve your quality of life too - instead of spending countless hours in front of a computer screen touching up photos, you get to spend that time with your precious family instead.

Photo of the day: 

Nasty winds in Eldora forced most of the ski area to be closed.  Kids could hardly stand in the wind.  It was pretty much a wasted ski day for me.  The bright side is, I finally got to do some reading as there's not much else to do there as I left my laptop at home.  (cell phone photo)

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