Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 76 - Winter Landscape

Thought of the day: Lila and I spent over an hour in her preschool this morning.  If I have had any lingering doubts about her starting school so early, they pretty much all dissipated by the time we were about to leave - Lila was happy as a bug and didn't want to go.  In her school, the kids spend a lot of time playing outdoors.  The school ground was completely covered with snow today, but the air temperature was comfortable and the sun was brilliant, and the kids couldn't be happier outside.  Both David and I grew up without any formal preschool education as there were no such options at that time.  I grew up with my grandma in a Chinese village and spent all my waking hours playing with mud in the field, chasing chickens around and creating all kinds of mischief.  I have fond memories of that period of time and I believe that experience is an important part of me.  David grew up in a small town near Zurich with his loving stay-at-home mom and an active and smart big sister.  I am sure the lack of preschool education didn't hinder his development either.  So, is preschool really necessary?  Well, I think it's more necessary for the parents (to get a break) than for the kids (to get social time or education).  I have read about a Swiss forest preschool where kids spend all the time, even during winter, out in a forest.  That may be a little extreme but I really like the idea behind it.  As long the little kids get to play, explore and spend time in the nature, they will be happy and they will be learning.

Photo of the day:

Winter landscape to the east of Boulder. I really like the openness of this area.

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