Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 164 - Wild Hair

Thought of the day: Today I took pictures inside a school building for a show.  Many of the pictures didn't come out well.  I always find it challenging to take pictures of a group of moving people inside a building.  Either the colors aren't quite right - which is no longer a big issue as I take raw photos, or the photos aren't quite sharp as I have to expose for too long to let in enough light.  There are things that can be done in such situations, but not without compromises.  Perhaps a better camera, lens and flash will also help, but that will force me to carry more weight which I am not looking forward to.  If I were a professional doing this for a living, I would probably put up with the extra burdens.  But right now, I am trying to keep the weight on my back as light as possible.  The consequence of my simple setup is that now I have a lot more confidence taking outdoor pictures, where there's an abundance of light to play with, than taking poorly-lit indoor pictures.

Photo of the day:
The wind made Lila's hair dance - yes, it was going to be another wild hair day!  This photo was taken outdoors where the light was abundant.

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