Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 163 - Hammock

Thought of the day: Tonight I found more evidence that Jasmine had a pretty good taste in arts and music.  I don't think my taste was nearly as sophisticated as hers at this age.  Of course, she is exposed to a lot more arts.  It's an important part of her daily life.  She loves making arts at home and her school is also putting a lot of emphasis on it.  Come to think of it, my kindergarten and elementary school education was vastly different from hers.  It was all about academics - in a way, it was geared towards making engineers and scientists, but it limited the development of kids who were more artistically inspired.  My sister, brother, and I had very different interests but we all went on to major in science and engineering in college.  If the education system were different, the paths of our lives could have been very different from the ones we are on right now, for better or worse.  I am glad that Jasmine would not have to face similar artificial barriers so that she can develop her potential in whatever field that suits her the best.

Photo of the day:
It was sunny and warm in the afternoon - time to take out the hammock and enjoy some fun time in the sun!

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