Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 296 - Garden Bench

Thought of the day: It's our last day in the bay area and I am already starting to miss it.  I miss the ocean breeze, the soft light, the green and winding paths, the cool mist hung in the forests and above beach towns and, of course, the long list of things to check out in this area. I can imagine spending a couple of weeks here with the kids without getting bored.  With some advance planning and sensible pacing, we should be able to have a relaxing yet engaging vacation here. To tell the truth, when I visited the bay area in the past, sometimes I felt pretty bored. But not this time. I think what made the different was that I was more proactive during this trip. I approached the neighbors, met old friends, try out new activities and go out often. I even sent in a couple of comments and suggestions to several city departments which made me feel more relevant and involved. In any case, all these things combined had made a world of difference.  Indeed, there is much to be experienced wherever you are and sometimes the biggest barrier between a dull life and a satisfying one is just the attitude.

Photo of the day: 
My dad taking a break on a bench with his grandkids in Woodside's Filoli Garden. The kids are playing a game of Harry Potter. A trip to the beautiful garden and spending some quality time with the cousin really made Jasmine's day.

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