Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 293 - Music Party

Thought of the day: There are many small towns in the bay area and we visited one of them today - Los Gatos.  It has a charming downtown filled with local shops that have been there for years.  One place worth mentioning is a yogurt place called Cafe Delatti.  We got some frozen yogurts there and they were delicious.  Bay area has many towns like this and it will take a while to visit them all. And of course, don't forget San Francisco, a not-so-small town that is 45 minutes away which would be worth every minute of the drive. Factor in the mild weather, culinary delights, tech industry, good universities and proximity to ocean, forests and mountains - it's no wonder that the bay area is able to attract so many smart people and keep them here.

Photo of the day:
Cousins holding a music party.  It was a delight to photograph them - perhaps even more so than to listen to the "music" they made!

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