Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 267 - Chloe

Thought of the day: I went to a dentist appointment today before realizing that I had just seen my previous dentist less than two months ago.  So, as it turned out, there was not much to be done during the appointment.  The dentist spent a few minutes doing a quick check to make sure that everything was OK and we spent the rest of the time making small talks. On the way out, I was fully expecting to pay for at least some of the time they spent on me but they refused to charge me anything.  What a stark contrast between this dentist and my previous one, who always managed to find problems to fix and then charged me $10 per minute for every minute of his time. These are two small businesses running on very different principles - one focusing on the clients they serve, the other focusing on the profit they make.  In other words, one business was run with compassion, the other with cold-hearted greediness.  Unfortunate for the consumers, a compassionate business tends to be a small and family-run affair while a large corporation tends to be merciless and relentless, as demonstrated in the ongoing Rupert Murdoch scandal. At the end, it's up to the consumers to decide which type of business to support.  I'm glad to have found my new dentist and added one more good business to my list.

Photo of the day:
Jasmine had a horseback riding lesson today.  She groomed and rode a horse called Chloe as gently guided by an instructor who seemed to love the horses and care about her students.  I think her riding school will end up in my good business list, too.

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