Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 161 - Boys

Thought of the day: Today I re-discovered a shopping village in Boulder.  I had been to some of its stores, including a few well-known local stores, many times in the past but it was never on my short list of places to go if I had a few hours to spend.  After hanging out there for half a day today, it occurred to me that it's actually a perfect destination village.  With a coffee shop, lunch place, kids area, natural food market all within walking distance to each other, it's a good place to relax, meet friends, and entertain the kids.  Little villages like this one make a town a more friendly and livable place.  I love my home, but I'm also always looking for homes outside of the home, and I'm glad that I have found another one today.

Photo of the day:
Two boys riding in Lila's preschool in front of a colorful assortment of lunch boxes.  For these kids, this place is their home outside of the home as they spend so many happy hours there every week.

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