Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 145 - Bug Hunt

Thought of the day: I never feel comfortable in my ski boots.  I have been through several pairs but none of them seem to fit well.  So after having been told a millionth time by different people to see Larry the bootfitter, I finally made an appointment to see him.  Considering his reputation of being one of the best bootfitters in the country, his store front in downtown Boulder was very low-key and unassuming - I thought I was at a wrong place until a woman, another client, called me in.  The store also had a laid back atmosphere inside and his assistants were very polite and patient in hearing about whatever complaints you had of the boots.  They frequently shuffled the boots back and forth between the clients and the backroom, where Larry apparently situated himself.  Boots were magically "fixed" by the invisible master when they came out of the backroom.  It was a strange yet interesting experience.  Larry is among the lucky ones who possess special skills and knowledge and put them to use every day.  He must feel pretty good about what he is doing, knowing that his clients will appreciate him every day when they are on the slope.  I can't wait to try out the adjusted boots this week and join his legion of happy clients.

Photo of the day:
Jasmine (and Lila) participated in a special field trip today with a small group of friends.  They learned about bugs and looked for them in a marsh.  Even though it's winter, there are still a variety of bugs to be found, if you try hard enough.  After spending over an hour inside Larry's Bootfitting watching ski videos, I was glad to spend some time outside with the kids.

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