Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 8 - Orange

Thought of the day:  This morning I was at Walnut Cafe and observed a woman eating alone at a table next to me.  She was an older woman dressed simply but elegantly.  She sat next to a bright red wall and above her hung a painting of primitive looking creatures in bold colors.  I thought that would make a striking image.  So I asked for her permission to take pictures of her.  She agreed but unfortunately I was not very good at putting her at ease - I was probably more embarrassed than she was - and we didn't end up with very good pictures.  It takes a special skill to take pictures of strangers, especially when you need to ask for their permission (like in a restaurant).  I hope I'll get better at the end of this year!

Photo of the day:
Jasmine at Carelli's Restaurant in south Boulder.  She is melting into a wall that makes her feel "dreamy".  She is getting more used to me taking pictures and is less self conscious when I do.

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  1. Beautiful photo, Ning. You have such an eye for color and composition.