Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 321 - Gymnastics

Thought of the day: When I drove down a neighborhood street this morning, I observed a dwarf woman walking up with two large bags of groceries. She was no taller than an average 6 year old child. A group of bikers in their bright and shiny jerseys raced past her, all of them tall and slim. The woman looked up at them warily. She had a small burden to carry in her hands and a probably much heavier burden to carry in her heart every day. I could only imagine her pain growing up with dwarfism and living in a world filled with and designed for people of the normal size. That was also one of those moments that reminded me that no matter who you are and how unlucky you feel, there is always a legion of others who are a lot less fortunate. When you look for it, the reminder is everywhere - in the deluge of daily news, in a lone pedestrian on the sidewalk.

Photo of the day:
Lila in the gymnastics class with her instructor. Lila was one of those lucky kids to be showered by her energy and enthusiasm. In the background, some older kids were doing some gymnastics routines. It was liberating to see all these kids running around so happily and so free from cares and worries.

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