Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 319 - Train Game

Thought of the day: I have been looking out of the window at the bright half moon for a little while. There’s something about watching the moon floating in the air above us - it seems so remote yet so near, so nonchalant yet so relevant, so ancient yet so present. Lots of beautiful Chinese poems have been written about the moon and tonight I am recalling a few of them. For millenniums, people have looked into the sky at night and felt drawn to it. The universe around us has the strange power of unleashing your imaginations yet grounding you at the same time. I think I will have that mythical power in my dreams tonight.

Photo of the day:

Jasmine was playing a train game with daddy while Lila was taking a nap. It was difficult to put her down for a nap these days even when she really needed it. It's easier at night. When Lila is too excited to sleep at night, I just need to show her the dark sky and mountains outside of the window and that has the effect of calming her down. I wonder if kids can feel the mythical power and rhythm of universe more than we do.

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